Informed Consent for Participants


Title of Project: Trash Talk

Investigators: Palani Eswaran (, Alison Kohl (, Will Han (


I.  Purpose of this Research/Project

The purpose of the study is to observe how people watch a live sporting event while also using our Trash Talk application. These observations will directly lead to further development and study of the Trash Talk prototype.


II.    Procedures

Participants will be interviewed for approximately half an hour. They will be asked to record videos of themselves reacting to plays throughout the game. They will also be asked to view other users' videos and vote on them. Screenshots of the computer as well as pictures of them using the application will be taken.


III. Extent of Anonymity and Confidentiality

The researchers will not collect personal information beyond name and basic demographics. Subjects are free not to answer any questions or respond to experimental situations that they choose without penalty.

At times, information associated with the participant may be displayed on their device and may be captured when the researchers take a screenshot. Every effort will be made to allow the subject to avoid displaying private information. The participant is free to hide any personal information on the device or request that the screenshot not be taken.

Collected information will be stored and maintained by the researchers listed above. The information will not be distributed to anyone who is not involved in the research. Anonymized quotes or clips may be used in presenting the project in class. Should the researchers decide to release the information more publicly, the information will be anonymized and consent will be obtained from the participant.


IV. Compensation

The participant will be provided with a lunch voucher for their participation.


V. Subject's Permission

I have read the Consent Form and conditions of this project. I have had all my questions answered. I hereby acknowledge the above and give my voluntary consent:



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Printed Name________________________________________