Prototype 1 Implemented Features/Progress

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Feature Choices

After conducting Wizard of Oz testing, getting feedback from users, and discussing the project as a team, we decided to change up our project a bit. Instead of live video chatting during games, our application is now a forum for people to trash talk before and during a game. Users will be able to up/down vote their favorite videos, and the most popular will be featured. Trash talk rooms will be divided up by the day's individual games.

Implementation Progress

Remaining Tasks

  1. Fix posting bugs, specifically first video not posting, posting immediately after early recording, and sound
  2. Have a list or section of the page with top ranked videos
  3. Sort videos by hashtags
  4. Figure out cookies so that a user can only vote on a video once
  5. CSS/Make it look nice
  6. Feature so that hovering over a video activates audio

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